Beat Stress With These Tips

Posted February 20, 2014

Are you always in a rotten mood when you get home from work?  Are you getting impatient trying to find a job?  Are you constantly on edge with your friends and family?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely suffering from career stress.  Stress over employment is often caused by two things: Having too much to do without enough time to do it and not having enough money.  Here are a few savvy ways to improve your work/life balance and put some extra cash back in your pocket.

Buy a bus pass.
If you live in an area with convenient public transportation, buy a bus pass for one month.  You’ve said time and time again how riding the bus would cut back on vehicle and gas expenses, but you still haven’t done it.  Buying a bus pass or a commuter pass for a month will make you commit to using public transportation. Making your daily commute without a car can save an average of $8,000 a year.  Your commute time may be longer, but riding the bus or train allows you to answer work e-mails, read, or catch up with a relative instead of spending that time driving.  Having to abide by a bus schedule will also force your to be more organized.

Reconsider that gym membership.
Hefty bills for gym memberships and other extracurricular activities can take a toll on your budget.  There are ways to stay healthy and still enjoy working out without having to pay for a luxury gym membership.  Several gyms offer yearly contract rates that are half the price of their month-to-month prices.  Community centers, university facilities, and local high schools often provide a great alternative to a gym membership by offering use of their facilities for a nominal fee.  Keep in shape for less by ditching the treadmill for a track or trail. 

Bring your lunch.
Invest in water and lunch containers to get in the habit of packing dinner leftovers to take for lunch. Make going out to coffee or lunch and occasional treat rather than a daily habit.  When you do go out for lunch, cut down the cost by ordering water instead of a soda.

Never stop learning.
Make it a point to learn one thing new every day.  Buy a book about a hobby you’d like to learn or an encyclopedia of interesting facts and pick it up for as little as five minutes each day.  Doing so will keep the stress of life from burying you.  It’ll force you to take a deep breath and slow down the pace even for just a moment.  

Set your clocks 5 minutes fast.
Always being in a hurry causes your stress level to skyrocket.  If you are always rushing around or worried about being late, setting your clock five minutes ahead will ensure that you get where you need to be on time. People will respect your more for your timeliness and you won’t receive disappointing looks from your boss.

Sometimes, finding a new job that makes you happier is the key to reducing stress.  If you’re ready to make that move, let the experienced recruiters at All Team Staffing help with your job search. Since 1989, we’ve placed thousands of candidates at top companies across various industries. Contact us today to cut back your stress and start laying the foundation for a better career.