Shhh…Here’s How to Get a Raise

Posted February 27, 2014

Are you underpaid and underappreciated at your job?  Are you now doing someone else’s job and the job you were hired to do and not getting paid for it?  Do you feel like you’re constantly passed over for promotions?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you’re due for a pay raise.  However, in this tough economy getting your boss to add extra money into your paycheck isn’t an easy feat.  You must prove you’re a valuable asset to the company in order to become closer to the raise your need.  Here are three ways to get noticed, get promoted, and get a raise.

Build your brand.
Don’t overlook the importance of personal branding.  Your personal brand is the facts in discussion about you.  What you say. What you did. And what others say about those two things. You have total control of what you do and what you say, and doing and saying the right things will influence what others say. 

If you feel you’re being overlooked at work, then it’s time to re-brand.  When your supervisor asks, “How are things going?” use the answer as an opportunity to share your brand.  Share your recent accomplishments, a leadership experience, or touch on a skill that differentiates you from other employees.  In other words, give them something to talk about.  Don’t just say, “Things are good” or “I’m fine and you”, instead take this as a chance to casually toot your own horn.

Invest in your professional development.
Part of being a superstar employee is staying on the cutting edge of your industry.  Read trade journals and industry publications to stay up to date with current events and practices.  As you climb the leadership ladder, it’s also important that you have necessary soft skills like management and public speaking coaching.  Take classes, attend seminars, and don’t ever quit investing in your professional growth.  Your employer will take notice of the amount of effort you’re putting in to further develop your skills.

Build a network.
When it comes time for management to decide who gets the next assignment or promotion, you need to have someone sitting at the table advocating for you.   Create a professional community and build relationships, so that you’ll have someone fighting for you.  Here are the kind of relationships you need to invest time in:

  •  Your immediate manager and their boss: These are the two people that have the biggest weight on other people’s perceptions of your work.  Their opinion has a significant amount of influence over whether you get promoted, so you want to make sure you’re on good terms with both of these people.
  •  A sponsor: This is someone at the Director level or above who actively supports you and your work.  They have the power to influence or make things happen for you.
  • Your peers: If your employees speak negatively about you, you can forget getting that raise.  You need to make sure you have a reputation as someone that works well with others and that people want to work with.
  • Industry leaders: Knowing and being respected by industry leaders can pave the way for your career advancement.  Attend networking events and take every opportunity to connect with leaders who could influence your career. 

Building your brand, investing in your career, and focusing on relationships will set you up for success in the workplace.   If you still aren’t getting a promotion after focusing on these three things, then it may be time to look for another opportunity where your skills and work ethic will be appreciated.

If you’re looking to become part of a trusted and employee-oriented team, the recruiters at All Team Staffing are here to help.  Contact us today, and we’ll get you in a better where you’re more appreciated in no time.