Sit at a Desk All Day? Consider This Health Advice

Posted March 14, 2014

With the rise of the technology age, many more Americans spend their day staring at a computer screen in a desk job.  Research has shown that too much sitting has negative health effects on our bodies.  Here are six tips that will help you stay healthy when you find yourself stuck at your desk.

Keep your screen eye level.
Avoid straining your head and neck by adjusting your monitor and chair so that your eyes are screen level.  Doing so will keep your neck from contorting.  You want to be in a comfortable, natural position if you’re going to be looking at a screen all day.

Learn about hand and wrist placement ergonomics.
Staying ergonomically pure with your hands and wrists will prevent joint and ligament injuries.  Getting a cushioned mouse pad will help keep your mouse hand comfortable.  Consider getting a padded or ergonomic keyboard so your wrists stay in a more natural position. 

Practice proper posture.
The most important tactic in staying healthy with a desk job is maintaining proper posture.  Good posture is always essential to your overall health.  Keep your shoulders back, back straight, and your feet planted flat on the ground.  If you start experiencing back pain, you should consider an ergonomically fit chair.  These chairs enable good posture and restore the back and spine. 

Give your eyes a break.
Staring at a screen for multiple hours at time strains your eyes.  Glancing away from the screen periodically will greatly benefit your eyesight.  Every five to ten minutes, take a 30 second break from staring at the screen to help your eyes remain strong.

Walk around.
More and more research has shown the benefits of leaving your desk at periodic intervals to walk around.  Every two hours or so, you should take a 5 minute break to grab coffee, take a walk, visit the restroom, or check in with your boss.  Simply moving around will do wonders for the health of your body.  You’ll stretch your muscles and reset your skeletal system. 

Stay hydrated.
Drink as much water as possible throughout the day.  This will help you stay hydrated and encourage you to get up and walk to the bathroom.

Exercise outside of work.
Make an effort to do regular exercise in order to have a healthy lifestyle.  Strong exercise three to four times a week will keep you energized at your desk during the workday.  On your days off, be sure to stretch so you stay limber.  You’ll notice how much difference a little exercise can make. 

These small practices will increase your energy, productivity, and can add years to your life.

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