How to Explain the Supplementation of Temporary Staff to Your Employees

Posted May 16, 2014

Hiring on temporary staff offers great benefits to your organization.  However, temporary staff can leave your full-time staff asking a lot of questions.   It’s important to get employee support when deciding to hire a contract employee.  Before pursuing the new hire, hold a meeting with staff to explain the necessity.

4 Tips to Communicate the Supplementation of Temp Staff to Your Full-Time Employees

Explain your decision.
In order to get your permanent staff on board with temporary employees, you need to explain why you have decided temporary staff is the best route.  Whether it’s to staff up for a busy season and avoid a round of layoffs in a few months, or because you need to reduce labor costs, be honest with your employees.  If you’re honest, you’ll gain their trust and help them see the benefits from your point of view.  

Communicate how temporary staff will make their job easier.
Your employees’ biggest concern is how temporary staff will affect them.  Let permanent staff know that you’re hiring temporary staff to alleviate their workload.  If employees understand that the temporary employees are going to benefit their work-life balance, they’ll be happy with your decision to bring on extra staff.  

Assure full-time staff that the temporary employees are not a threat.
Because permanent employees know that hiring temporary staff is cheaper than hiring permanent staff, they often see temporary employees as a threat to job security.  Assure employees that the temporary employees are being hired to help with workflow, not take their jobs.  If employees are threatened by temporary employees it’ll create conflict in the workplace and cliques will ensue.  In order for temporary staff to be effective in your organization, your permanent staff has to be willing to consider them a part of the team.

Give employees a say in the hiring process.
If your permanent staff will be training temporary employees, it’s important to make sure they’re a part of the hiring process.  When you interview candidates, give your staff a chance to interview the person that will be a part of their team, just like you would in your regular hiring process.  Doing so will help make sure the temporary employee that’s hired makes a seamless transition into your organization. 

As long as you’re honest with your permanent staff and educate them on the value temporary employees bring to the table, you should have no problem gaining employee support for hiring contract workers.

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