Is It Important To Reach Out to the Candidate That Wasn’t Hired?

Posted January 30, 2015

Well, the résumés were perused, the interviews were conducted, and the final decision was made. Your new employee starts early next week, but what about those candidates that didn’t make the final cut? Should you make the effort to notify those who weren’t hired?

The final answer really depends on your managerial style as well as where in the process the candidate was cut. Let’s look more closely at the scenarios in question.

Early in the Hiring Process

If your organization publicizes an open position that ends up getting hundreds of résumés, you or your HR staff shouldn’t be expected to inform every candidate individually that they won’t be getting called in for an interview. To do so would adversely impact either your own productivity or that of your HR team. Remember that many job searchers apply for positions they aren’t remotely qualified for, with most of them not expecting to hear back if your firm isn’t interested.

After a Round of Interviews

Once the candidate pool is paired down and the interview process is completed, you’ve probably made a personal connection with the candidates in question. At this point, it is a good professional practice to inform the candidates who didn’t earn the job that your company is moving in a different direction and that you appreciated their candidacy.

Remember that in today’s socially networked society, bad word gets around quickly. If you don’t notify those that didn’t get hired through at least an email, your company’s reputation might be hampered in the local market.

Ultimately, properly informing those who didn’t get the job is simply good for business, and potentially your career. You never know, you may be interviewing with someone who you didn’t hire sometime in the future.

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