Motivating Employees (And Increasing Productivity)

Posted January 24, 2014

One the most important and challenging duties of any good manager or boss is keeping staff motivated. Compensation may ensure that staff show up at work every day. But motivation is what drives employees to go above and beyond to produce truly extraordinary results. In order to energize and inspire your staff to perform at their absolute best, you will need to strike a balance between tangible and intangible incentives. Every employee is different, and what motivates each of them will be different. What they have in common however is a secret desire to be appreciated and to do their job well. The trick is figuring out how to unlock that inner desire.

Create or Revisit Your Mission Statement
Most companies, even if their primary objective is to make a profit, still have an underlying mission that is their company’s reason-for-being. If your company hasn’t done so already, create a statement that articulates this underlying mission–a mission statement! Then publicize it. Tape it to a wall somewhere so people will read it. Recite it out loud during weekly meetings. Even if your mission is simply to make your customers extremely happy so that they come back again and again, that counts! A good manager or boss will grasp the mission of the company and make sure that staff members remain aware of it at all times.

Set Common Goals
These can be company-wide or limited to your office, but at any rate it’s vital that staff members see themselves as connected to their fellow employees and in pursuit of common goals. It goes without saying that these goals, whether they’re increased sales figures, greater productivity, or a more positive work environment, must be expressed clearly and publicly. As much as possible, staff should feel like they’re working together to achieve a common goal. Promoting a sense of teamwork and collaboration will in turn create a kind of positive peer-pressure that makes employees eager to perform at a higher level in order not to let their co-workers down.

Appeal to Competitive Instincts
The flipside of collaboration is competition. Don’t be afraid to use both powerful dynamics to motivate employees and increase productivity. Activating your staff’s competitive side is fine as long as it doesn’t get out of control. The best way to achieve a healthy balance is to take commonality seriously, and competition rather lightly. Fun contests promising gift cards or bonuses are a great way to get those competitive juices flowing. Especially employees who tend to be motivated by tangible rewards will appreciate that if they work harder, they’ll be gratified quickly.

Show Them You Care
One of the most effective yet indirect ways that a manager can motivate employees is to show them that you genuinely care about them as individuals, as people. It’s much harder to measure this than goals or contest results, but your standing and credibility as a person even more so than as a boss has a huge influence over whether staff respond to your attempts to motivate them. You can have the most inspiring mission statement, exciting contests, and ingenious incentive programs, but if your staff doesn’t think you’re being genuine with them, they won’t rise to the occasion. Prepare the ground for motivational success by always keeping in mind that your business is made up of people who have complicated personal lives. If you show you care about them and what they care about, you’ll get the same consideration in return, and then some!

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