Motivating Employees (And Increasing Productivity)

One the most important and challenging duties of any good manager or boss is keeping staff motivated. Compensation may ensure that staff show up at work every day. But motivation is what drives employees to go above and beyond to produce truly extraordinary results. In order to energize and inspire your staff to perform at their absolute best, you will need to strike a balance between tangible and intangible incentives. Every employee is different, and what motivates each of them will be different. What they have in common however is a secret desire to be appreciated and to do their job well. The trick is figuring out how to unlock that inner desire.

Create or Revisit Your Mission Statement
Most companies, even if their primary objective is to make a profit, still have an underlying mission that is their company’s reason-for-being. If your company hasn’t done so already, create a statement that articulates this underlying mission–a mission statement! Then publicize it. Tape it to a wall somewhere so people will read it. Recite it out loud during weekly meetings. Even if your mission is simply to make your customers extremely happy so that they come back again and again, that counts! A good manager or boss will grasp the mission of the company and make sure that staff members remain aware of it at all times.

Set Common Goals
These can be company-wide or limited to your office, but at any rate it’s vital that staff members see themselves as connected to their fellow employees and in pursuit of common goals. It goes without saying that these goals, whether they’re increased sales figures, greater productivity, or a more positive work environment, must be expressed clearly and publicly. As much as possible, staff should feel like they’re working together to achieve a common goal. Promoting a sense of teamwork and collaboration will in turn create a kind of positive peer-pressure that makes employees eager to perform at a higher level in order not to let their co-workers down.

Appeal to Competitive Instincts
The flipside of collaboration is competition. Don’t be afraid to use both powerful dynamics to motivate employees and increase productivity. Activating your staff’s competitive side is fine as long as it doesn’t get out of control. The best way to achieve a healthy balance is to take commonality seriously, and competition rather lightly. Fun contests promising gift cards or bonuses are a great way to get those competitive juices flowing. Especially employees who tend to be motivated by tangible rewards will appreciate that if they work harder, they’ll be gratified quickly.

Show Them You Care
One of the most effective yet indirect ways that a manager can motivate employees is to show them that you genuinely care about them as individuals, as people. It’s much harder to measure this than goals or contest results, but your standing and credibility as a person even more so than as a boss has a huge influence over whether staff respond to your attempts to motivate them. You can have the most inspiring mission statement, exciting contests, and ingenious incentive programs, but if your staff doesn’t think you’re being genuine with them, they won’t rise to the occasion. Prepare the ground for motivational success by always keeping in mind that your business is made up of people who have complicated personal lives. If you show you care about them and what they care about, you’ll get the same consideration in return, and then some!

For over twenty years, national staffing agency All Team Staffing had providing employees with proven staffing solutions to help grow their business, reduce risk, and boost their bottom line. Interested in learning how a partnership with All Team Staffing can positively impact your organization? Contact our expert recruiters today.

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Hiring Headaches that a Food Service Staffing Firm Can Solve

In the hospitality industry, your hiring and staffing needs can fluctuate greatly. Sometimes you need seasonal help, sometimes extra employees to help out during an extremely busy period. And while you may think it’s the HR department’s job to handle, the truth is these situations can cause some major headaches.

Let’s say you need a large amount of temporary workers on short notice. Your HR Department will need to:

  • Develop and post job descriptions
  • Determine pricing and benefit options
  • Recruit via agencies, referrals, and ads
  • Interview candidates and select them for hire
  • Process background checks, drug screens, and reference checks
  • Train new employees
  • Process weekly payroll and benefits
  • Manage employee issues, concerns, and workers’ compensation

That’s a lot of work and a lot of different relationships to manage. If you throw other considerations, such as diversity hiring, into the mix, this task not only gets bigger—it gest less cost effective.

And what happens when your busy period is over? Will there be enough work for these additional employees to do? Will your HR department then have to lay them off?

Here’s a single solution to all of those headaches: Let an experienced, reputable staffing firm do the work for you.

And not just any staffing firm. Look for one that specializes in your industry, so they will understand your company and its culture. Where your company’s HR person is probably a generalist, a professional staffing firm will have invaluable industry expertise.

  • If you need multiple employees at once, a good staffing agency has a pool of pre-screened candidates ready to work if they match your job requirements. This saves you from having to sift through resumes, make phone calls, perform multiple interview and do reference and background checks.
  • If you only need people temporarily, you only need to hire them for a fixed period. When the rush season or special project is over, so are their contracts, and the employment situation ends neatly and easily.
  • If you need to hire someone full time, they can provide you with access to candidates that you couldn’t reach on your own. In addition to being well-connected in your field, they should always be talking to passive candidates as well as those actively seeking employment. 

Food Team fulfills both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house needs of hotels, corporate cafeterias, school and university cafeterias, convention centers, sports and entertainment venues, banquet centers, catering companies, golf tournaments, country and executive clubs, private parties and more. To learn more about how our team can positively impact your workforce, contact us today!

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Staffing for Profit in the Hospitality Industry

If your company is like most, labor is the biggest line item on your P&L. The more actively you manage that expense, the more profitable you can become. To increase overall profits, you need to make your staffing and hiring costs leaner—without affecting your productivity or processes. How?

It’s not rocket science! To increase profits, you have to increase revenues, decrease expenses, or do both. That’s it. And from the assembly line to the executive office, effective staffing is essential to maximizing profitability. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the path to staffing for profit!

1. Convert Fixed Cost to Variable.
Reduce your core staff to levels necessary to maintain normal operations. Additionally, partner with a qualified staffing firm to supplement your staff with trained temporary personnel when you need to meet unusual production demands, such as seasonally.

2. Eliminate Overtime.
Overtime is an extremely expensive way to get work done. Using temporary employees in place of overtime can reduce labor costs by 20% or more.

3. Limit Benefits Expense.
On average, benefits cost 20% – 25% in excess of payroll expenses. Using temporary and payrolled employees when and where it is appropriate will eliminate a large chunk of your benefit expenses.

4. Reduce Risk.
Using temporary and payrolled employees in place of independent contractors will reduce your employment risks. They work for your staffing partner, not for you, so their unemployment and workers’ comp claims won’t affect your rating or your bottom line.

5. Outsource Time-Consuming or Non-Critical Tasks.
This will reduce your total expenses and improve productivity by freeing your company to focus on its core competencies.

6. Reduce Training Costs.
Training is expensive in more ways than one. Cut training costs and improve quality and productivity by employing skilled temporary employees. By working closely with your staffing partner, you can gain access to candidates who are well-trained and have experience in the skills you need.

All Team Staffing’s Food Team is the nation’s premier staffing agency for the food service and hospitality industries, providing our clients with employees for temporary, part time and full time assignments. All Food Team employees are referenced checked, criminally background checked, drug tested and skill certified based on their area of expertise.

Have questions on how a partnership with our team can positively impact yours? Contact us today!

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Utilizing Temporary Staff to Staff-Up for Large Catering Events

You’ve finally caught your breath as wedding season comes to a close, but with the holidays right around the corner, many organizations in the catering industry are starting to ramp up for the other busiest time of the year. Having adequate staff during the peak seasons can make or break catering companies.  Staffing-up during peak seasons and down during slow seasons by hiring temporary employees is a great way to minimize overall employee expenses.  Here are a few reasons to consider utilizing temporary help in the catering business.

Save on Overhead Costs.
When you need to staff up your organization for a large event, the interview process can be very time consuming and costly.  You’ll spend multiple hours sifting through resumes and phone screening applicants who may or may not be qualified for the position.  Once you hire an employee you’ll have to put time and money into making sure they receive the proper training, and then will face having to pay unemployment if they don’t work out or are no longer needed after the event.  Hiring temporary staff can alleviate all of these overhead costs.  You’ll be able to quickly hire qualified employees for peak periods and let them go at no cost to you when they’re no longer needed.

Find Great Talent.
The great thing about hiring temporary employees is that there are staffing agencies that specialize in the catering industry.  Whether you need a pastry chef or a banquet server, they’re able to deliver the skilled professional you need in a matter of hours. Agencies have a database of employees on call, which have been prescreened and are certain to have the required skill set. Many employees are specialists in their profession that have chosen to have a nontraditional work schedule.

Better Availability.
Large, catered events usually take place outside the traditional 9 to 5 workday.  Therefore employees must be able to work odd hours and not have a fixed schedule.  An employment agency will be able to help you find temporary workers that are available to work the hours you need.  Temporary employees tend to be much more flexible with their schedule than an employee on staff.

Save on Benefits.
By hiring temporary employees, you can save on medical benefits, vacation, and sick pay.  These expenses can become costly when you have multiple full-time employees.  When you hire temp employees you’re able to have them work as many hours as needed, without having to offer benefits.

Big events are stressful enough to organize, without having to worry about scrambling for enough employees last minute.  Whether it’s a small gathering or a corporate holiday party, let All Team Staffing take the pressure of staffing off of your hands.  For more than 20 years, our team of recruiters has been offering customized staffing solutions for the food and beverage industry. We offer prompt, reliable service in proving you with unsurpassed catering staff. Contact us today to start planning for your next event.

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