Should You Hire Superstars Who Could Outshine You?

Posted September 05, 2014

People at work consider you a staple.  You’ve been a fundamental part of the organization for many years and know the company inside and out.  When anyone new is brought on board, everyone directs them to you if they have questions.

Your team is growing rapidly and it’s time for you to add new hires.  However, you haven’t been enthralled with anyone HR has sent your way.  From the hipster obsessed with his beard to the achiever with four master’s degrees, you’ve given a mental thumbs down to everyone.

It’s time to face it.

You’re feeling threatened by those who may be younger, more technically inclined, and possibly smarter than you.

Why should you want to hire these people who could potentially outshine you and overtake your title of the office expert?  Because contrary to popular belief, you should want to hire people with more knowledge, determination, and/or experience than you.

3 Reasons to Focus on
Hiring Top Talent in the Industry

  1. There’s room for more than one genius on the team.
    Your colleagues know that you’re the original leader that has helped the organization achieve its current level of success.  They trust you and you’ve formed valuable relationships have been formed over the years.  You’re close working relationships, knowledge, and experience are your key assets.  This being said, why not hire some smart, young hires to follow in your footsteps?  While you’ve been busy climbing the ladder, they’ve been in the classroom learning how to use the latest technology.  They’re current with all of the marketplace trends and are light years ahead of you when it comes to computer programming.  You need these assets to make your processes even more efficient. 
  2. You should never stop learning.
    While the rise of millennials in the workforce has been making a lot of people nervous, the amount of information you can learn from this younger generation is immense.  While they may not have more experience in your particular role, they have experience in current trends such as work-life balance and making technology work for them.  Millennials will teach more senior members of your organization to ask for, expect, and even demand more flexibility in the workplace.  They’ll show you how to have a balanced life and get you out of the stagnant 9 to 5 routine. 
  3. Let go of your ego.
    You probably aren’t destined to be the head of your department forever.  As companies evolve, roles change, and you need the best person for the job.  Would you really rather be manager of a mediocre team rather than hiring the best people you can while you have a chance?  And besides, you’ve already proved yourself in this role, so it’s time to start thinking about what could be the next opportunity for you.  

Don’t sacrifice the success of your company by feeling threatened by superstars who could outshine you.  Bring those stars on board and everyone will shine brighter.

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