Tips on Becoming Familiar with Your Workplace Culture

Posted March 06, 2014

Companies that have a strong company culture, or work brand presence, attract the top candidates.  These are the same companies that champion emotional intelligence and have built a strong reputation for respecting and appreciating their employees.  Here are a few tips to assess your company culture, and make sure you’re helping to create a positive work environment.

Make sure you’re building a bridge.
If your vision doesn’t play a role in the day-to-day lives of your employees, it will eventually be ignored and irrelevant.  Part of building a great culture is helping employees make a connecting bridge in between their background and a common vision and passion for your organizational mission.   Make sure that employees are constantly involved in defining and evolving your vision, so that it is always clear what your expectations are now and for the future. You don’t want your goals and mission statement to just become a plaque on the wall in the breakroom.

Lookout for landmines in your culture.
Observe how employees are communicating with each other and with potential hires.  Who defers whom?  Are there sideways glances or is someone always cutting other people off? Do they seem happy to be there? If you notice any issues, address them immediately. If the issues are ignored they can be highly damaging to workplace morale.

Realize transparency impacts culture.
Lack of direction causes chaos, which is the quickest route to damaged office morale.  Frequent changes in direction and not knowing your purpose cause frustration, misinterpretation, and burnout.  Be completely transparent and make sure each employee knows where the company is headed, and how they play a role in making sure it gets there.

Communicate well.
Companies with desirable cultures have leaders that are open to new ideas and focus on empowering their employees.  Take a look in the mirror; are you being this kind of leader?  Have an open-door policy on communication and allow for the free expression of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of employees. 

Emphasize the importance of teamwork.
Companies that have the most sought after corporate culture, emphasize the need for teamwork among employees, departments, and customers.  The days of pitting one star employee against another are over; especially in industries where multiple departments must fully collaborate as a team in order to successfully complete assignments.  Make sure to always reward teams for a job well done and show team-members how much they’re appreciated.  

Defining your company culture can be difficult, but if you’re smart, do your research, and communicate well with employees you’ll create a place people want to work.

At All Team Staffing, a recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry, culture is very important to us.  As you use the above tips to define your workplace culture, let our recruiters find the perfect staff for your open positions.  Contact us today to see how we can help.