Utilizing Temporary Staff to Staff-Up for Large Catering Events

Posted December 20, 2013

You’ve finally caught your breath as wedding season comes to a close, but with the holidays right around the corner, many organizations in the catering industry are starting to ramp up for the other busiest time of the year. Having adequate staff during the peak seasons can make or break catering companies.  Staffing-up during peak seasons and down during slow seasons by hiring temporary employees is a great way to minimize overall employee expenses.  Here are a few reasons to consider utilizing temporary help in the catering business.

Save on Overhead Costs.
When you need to staff up your organization for a large event, the interview process can be very time consuming and costly.  You’ll spend multiple hours sifting through resumes and phone screening applicants who may or may not be qualified for the position.  Once you hire an employee you’ll have to put time and money into making sure they receive the proper training, and then will face having to pay unemployment if they don’t work out or are no longer needed after the event.  Hiring temporary staff can alleviate all of these overhead costs.  You’ll be able to quickly hire qualified employees for peak periods and let them go at no cost to you when they’re no longer needed.

Find Great Talent.
The great thing about hiring temporary employees is that there are staffing agencies that specialize in the catering industry.  Whether you need a pastry chef or a banquet server, they’re able to deliver the skilled professional you need in a matter of hours. Agencies have a database of employees on call, which have been prescreened and are certain to have the required skill set. Many employees are specialists in their profession that have chosen to have a nontraditional work schedule.

Better Availability.
Large, catered events usually take place outside the traditional 9 to 5 workday.  Therefore employees must be able to work odd hours and not have a fixed schedule.  An employment agency will be able to help you find temporary workers that are available to work the hours you need.  Temporary employees tend to be much more flexible with their schedule than an employee on staff.

Save on Benefits.
By hiring temporary employees, you can save on medical benefits, vacation, and sick pay.  These expenses can become costly when you have multiple full-time employees.  When you hire temp employees you’re able to have them work as many hours as needed, without having to offer benefits.

Big events are stressful enough to organize, without having to worry about scrambling for enough employees last minute.  Whether it’s a small gathering or a corporate holiday party, let All Team Staffing take the pressure of staffing off of your hands.  For more than 20 years, our team of recruiters has been offering customized staffing solutions for the food and beverage industry. We offer prompt, reliable service in proving you with unsurpassed catering staff. Contact us today to start planning for your next event.